December 04, 2021, 07:07:20 PM

The Backstory

Harlequin is built on a religious style framework with the motive not too disimilar to a cult. (characters, not in reality). The story, told through generations before us, is as follows:

A band of mercenary guards travelling to far away lands, led a carriage holding a score of sick children and the nurses that tendered them travelling in search of a cure from an unknown disease that bore scars upon the faces of the afflicted.

To hide their scars the nurses painted the children's faces like clowns or covered them with fanciful masks to lighten their spirits and protect them from the stares of passers-by.

Beyond the baron lands the carriage was attacked by a large troop of marauding orks, they took pleasure in killing the guards, nurses and the children before looting all they could.

Three brave warriors survived, badly wounded and near death. A lone traveller stumbled upon the remnants of the battle.  The traveller, a female trained in the skill of arcane healing, did not take them to her people, fearing racial conflict, instead tended their wounds before quickly departing, leaving them what little food and water she carried

In the years that passed, the three surviving warriors grew stonger and formed a close knit clan of skilled mercenaries vowing to forever revenge the innocent children that died in their care.

With painted faces and masks symbolising their cause, the clan called Harlequin was born, led by those worthy to the cause, seek out evil with one aim, to send them to the depths of hell where they belong!

Harlequin, Harlequin, story
is one, born from darkness and war
men of anger, lives of solitude
wages through blood and no law
saved a child from the devils spawn
too late for the score
wearing masks in memory, for those lost were much more
clan Harlequin lives on from this lore