October 27, 2021, 01:13:18 AM

Rules of Engagement

Harlequin Rules of Engagement

KOS means what it says, Kill On Sight. However, once you have killed a player, they are no longer KOS for a period. The period is not a set time; rather it's a defined set of conditions. The reasoning behind this is to differentiate between normal combat/gameplay and 'griefing'.
The following rules apply to general enemy contact and skirmishes:

1) Once the Victim has resurrected by what ever means, they are to be given enough time to fully recover their health.

2) You are to remain out off range (bow/magic/ship/gun range) until their health has fully restored.

3) If the victim is returning to their corpse, allow them to do so unhindered. This applies even if you have looted their corpse/ship.

4) If the victim resurrects, they cannot be attacked while they are within range of the spawn location.

Once the victim has their hitpoints restored, claimed their corpse or left the safety of the Bind Stone area and you are out of range, then they become KOS again. Note that none of these conditions apply if the victim decides to take hostile action against you at any time.

Breaching any of the above rules will be considered griefing.

Members will not stalk abuse or harass another player in such a manner as to cause offence or discomfort. If a member has an issue with another player please report it to the Clan's officers. The also applies if a member is being harassed, abused or stalked.

Please remember if you are being griefed it is not an excuse to grief back. Take their details and notify the Clan and we will add them to our KOS list.

In summary:

No Spawn Camping
No Corpse Camping
No Repeat Killing
No Harassing

Please remember we are not a griefing Clan, and the actions of one member will impact on the Clan as a whole.