September 23, 2021, 04:24:34 PM

Guild Guide

Welcome to the Harlequin Guide

As a Harlequin Clan member we encourage you to have fun and run amok.
We also appreciate that sometimes the jokes and the antics of individual members will sometimes impact, or be at the expense of other players (whether they be fellow members, other aligned players or our enemies).
In this light we expect you to always act in a mature manner.

  • Excessive and frequent bad language, bullying, racist, sexist or other inappropriate communication will not be tolerated.
  • Complaints against Clan members, submitted confidentially or otherwise, shall be judged in an unbiased and fair manner by one or all of the Clan founders or a designated Officer depending on the severity of the complaint.
  • Complaints or concerns may be directed to officers by personal message in the first instance if you wish the matter to remain confidential.
  • Punishments for certain offences or behaviour may include in-game challenges or tasks, which if completed, may win back the immediate respect and favour of the Clan. (Picture yourself running naked across populated enemy territory or shouting badly scripted jokes to a zone for a whole game day) I’m sure we can come up with far better ideas but you get the picture.
  • Continued offences will result in termination of guild membership.
  • Clan members are expected not to speak on behalf of the Clan in game or on external forums unless authorised to do so.
  • Major issues affecting the Clan will be put to a consensus vote to all members, however, the founding members will sometimes make decisions without consultation.
  • Mumble use is required while playing official division games, members are also encouraged to regularly post on the Clan forums and also utilise in-game chat.
  • Loot sharing and crafter-made item distribution is encouraged amongst Clan members.
  • Tributes paid to one or all of the Clans leaders is encouraged to further clan developments.
  • Whenever possible Clan members are expected to react unselfishly and proactively to requests for assistance from other members.
  • Participation in Clan run events (raids, challenges, Clan battles) is expected within the bounds of real life work and other external commitments.
  • See also the Rules of Engagement for further combat specific requirements.

Clan FAQ

What are Harlequin's Alignment options?
As Harlequin is now a multi-MMO Guild our alignment depends on the game we're playing. Originally we positioned ourselves on the 'good side' with a lean towards the grey - in between good and evil. Ultimately whichever side we take we will always fight hard to protect our own and punnish our enemies!

Harlequin’s enemies?
Harlequin makes enemies of anyone who gets in our way. While we dont necessarily intend on making long term enemies, it's more fun to have an arch enemy or two.

Is Harlequin a roleplaying or hardcore clan?
No we’re not roleplayers as such, but we don’t mind if members choose to roleplay . We also accept both powergamers and casual gamers, it’s really up to you how you play the game.

Do you have an age limit on applications?
Harlequin is a guild of mature Oceanic players, we therefore prefer applicants to be over the age of 17 (however we have made exceptions to this rule).

Is Harlequin a PvE, PvP or Crafting clan?
Definitely a mix of the three, but we expect our members to come to the aid of the Clan in pvp as a priority when called to arms.

What is Harlequin's grand plan?
We are a close-knit community style clan that drives to protect and help it's own and have fun doing it. We do aspire to challenge other Clans and be competitive.