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a heroes farewell

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elimus gravis:
hey guys, its been a long time. its elimus here from the original darkfall days, im sure alot of you dont know me. i saw a friend on steam today with a status remembering zunder, it saddens me greatly to hear of this old friends passing :( i remember the first time i met zunder in voice chat and i thought he was a girl, we had many fun times together, plundering and pillaging in darkfall. i miss all of you and wish i could sustain a play time in your time zone still. ukrai, sebastipole, glorion, and all the old friends i give you me deepest condolences, if you have time please message me on steam if you would like to pass along what happened, i love you harlequin crew, you guys da bomb i am sorry for your loss

Hey man, on behalf of the harle guys who knew zunder, thanks for the post and your thoughts.

elimus gravis:

Hey mate, yeah was a bit of a shock and surprise. But hadn't had contact with zake (zunder) for a couple of years - but his fb would pop onto my feed every now and then. Hope you're well too mate, many of us don't play as much as we used to, and when we do, struggle to find an MMO to keep us coming back for more ;)

elimus gravis:
struggle > reality for real though, what happened to the mmo market :( heres hoping no mans sky makes it, if not im just gonna diablo 3 it for this season elimus#1533 if anyone plays that.


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