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An Introduction


Hi Everyone

So I'm looking to get pretty heavily into The Division with a good aussie guild. I played a bit of it myself during the beta and over the past few days and I'm finding it to be loads of fun though the city can feel a little lonely at times and games are always more fun when played together!

bit of background on me, I'm 24 and living in Melbourne, currently working a hotel in the CBD, the shift work sucks so I fit in my gaming time around that. I'm also currently at uni but this in my placement year so no coursework to get in the way of gaming!

I occasionally still dabble in a bit of SWTOR from time to time but I pretty much play everything, I'm currently also playing through Telltales' Walking Dead series, Fallout 4 & finally playing Borderlands (id be quite happy to have some company there as well hahaha)

I started a Let's Play channel on Youtube a few months back but I just haven't the time to consistently upload anything to it which sucks but maybe i'll go back to it when I get the chance



I'd suggest registering and throwing in an application.

We are not a hard core full-time guild. Happy to have people play as time allows but also have Guild activities to join or just group and run around.   

That sounds pretty good to me


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