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I heard about this guild through a mate I work with and he was kind enough to link it to me. So for a bit about me. The username I use most often is Grielord though I have been known to use Griereveous (don't ask, I was young).

I'm a 27 yr old gamer from QLD that grew up gaming. Started on the text based 'Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago' on the old apple macs with the 5 1/2 inch floppys and have been keen to play anything since.

Keen to find a group of people to play 'The Division' with, and have a community of clan members spread out over the multi-verse that is gaming these days.

I'm interested in gaming, anime, manga, and books so much so I've started a business that aims to cater to those with similar interests.

Looking forward to future fun times!


Welcome mate...... I may or may not be this mate from work that is spoken about  8)

Hey mate, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to throw in an app, there should be an apply now button up the top right or thereabouts?

Thanks guys!

Everytime I went onto the teamspeak channel no one else was on to give me privileges so i gave up and just used the in game chat.


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