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Hello! SMITE


Hi! So I saw a post on the smite forums and would love to join the smite clan before the number thing kicks in :D

IGN: jonjonz

I'm from New Zealand and I don't really play other mmos but I love love love smite!

Hey mate. Add me to friends. Whanny. Also you need to apply on the website as well. :)

The information isn't very smite friendly, it's mostly for an mmo, the patch is gonna come in the next day and then I wont be able to join it (assuming you have 30+ people on smite)

I probably wont beable to do the team speak before then either D:

Hi Jonjonz,

We add members to clan as initiates until they get accepted on the forums so all good mate. Just pm TheJuicyZeus, Silt, Timmyy33 or myself and ask for a quick invite. We will sort out formalities later.

Yay, I've added you all in game, do you want the PM in that or over the forums?

thanks so much :D


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